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Get The Summer Bod You Always Wanted With This 30-Minute Rise Nation Class

Extreme climbing class, is it for you? 

Rise Nation West Hollywood

Want to climb your way to a stronger physique? This new group fitness workout will take you there. The place…Rise Nation. The way to do it…versaclimber. From Ashley Greene to Jennifer Anniston and Bradley Cooper, your favorite stars are interval training at this hot West Hollywood studio. 
Versaclimber vs Stairmaster…what’s the difference? 

The length of class time seems easy enough- 30 minutes- but be prepared for your body to feel the burn within a few moments. This is a serious cardiovascular workout and the best part is that your upper body is incorporated too, unlike the stair master and treadmill. It hits all the muscle groups from the legs and arms, to the core and back, and is very non-impact. My class was lead by instructor Katie Keefe and even with my previous knee injuries, I was pain-free. 

The workout is initially in the legs but as the class progresses, you’re reaching what is called “long range of motion” and “rip”. The trunk (core) becomes more engaged and you’ll find yourself flexing the biceps and contracting your back while in a pulling motion. One arm pushes up the handle, while the other hand pulls another handle down. Oh and the sprints…what a killer move!

Be warned: this class is an endless ladder and you’re scaling between 2000-5000 feet. This class is open to all levels of fitness experience and is quite challenging. You can self-regulate your tempo, but there is no way to cheat. You either keep it moving or you don’t. You’ll fare better the more conditioned you already are in cardiovascular activities.

 However, with amazing playlists, expert instructors, and a visually stimulating environment, even as a newbie, the dynamic atmosphere at Rise Nation will inspire your climb to a healthier, more-fit you!

Even if you don’t live in LA, you should be able to find a versaclimber at a local gym or buy one for home. YouTube Rise Nation workouts or visit locally and get moving!
Pants and top: Chill by Will
Rise Nation: http://www.rise-nation.com

613 N La Cienega Blvd.

West Hollywood, CA 90069


with instructor Katie Keefe



The New Spin on Toast

So sweet potato toast is on trend now and I dig it! With more people aware now of the inflammatory responses wheat causes in the body, we are all looking for ways to cut corners but still be healthy. This new toast idea is a great solution. Cut them a 1/4 inch thick and toss in the toaster or bake at 450 until crisp. Either way, leave the skin for added nutritional value, and top this powerhouse of a vegetable with your fave toppings (avocado and cinnamon almond butter for mine).😋 Yum factor for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. You’ll thank yourself after trying!  


Lime Love 

“She who plants a garden, plants happiness.” Well if this is true, these fresh grown limes are getting turned into margaritas. Instant happiness! The hubby and I have been growing fruits, veggies, and herbs in our backyard for a few years now, but our lime tree is the newest addition and it is blooming nicely. I got the idea to take these fresh grown limes and make a margarita recipe that’s low-sugar, waist-friendly, and still tasty. 

Here’s a quick “skinny” recipe that you’ll enjoy during summer holidays, staycations, and celebrations. 

4 ounces tequila

5 ounces citrus juice (your choice orange, grapefruit, etc)

3 ounces fresh squeezed lime juice

2 teaspoons agave nectar

splash of sparkling water

Recipe inspo: What’s Gaby Cooking

Cheers to summer! 



Oh Hi, Ojai!

A weekend getaway to Ojai turned into a learning experience about one of my favorite fruits, the lovely olive. I went on an indoor/outdoor tour (and tasting) at Asquith Farm, a 10-acre organic olive tree farm, where olives are handpicked and pressed into oil the old-fashion way in a Denocciolatore (the equipment beside me).

3 interesting things I learned: 

•Green and black olives are the same thing! The green happens to be be picked before ripening, while the black is picked while ripe. Think of it this way- the green are dense and firm, while the black is soft and usually what’s used in tapenades and marinades.

•Only 1% of olive oil is made in the U.S. The monopoly is still held by Italy and Greece, but what is made here in the US is generally from farms in California and Texas. 

•Extra virgin and First-pressed are the same exact thing! Now this can get confusing with the sometimes “tricky” labeling… Just stay clear of refined olive oils (they are over processed and you’ll know by the low price and plastic packaging), plus they won’t say extra virgin. 

Thank you Ojai Olive Oil for the hospitality and lessons. If you live in or plan to visit the Southern California region, make sure to stop by and visit this magical farm. Learn something new, your health will thank you! 

The Skinny on Smoothie Bowls

I am bonkers for bowls these days. Burrito bowls, salad bowls, and my most recent obsession…smoothie bowls! You’ve probably seen a version of them pop up in your social media feed; eye catching and mouth watering. When you’re looking to cure a sweet tooth, some sort of bowl with fruit is a much better alternative than cookies, pastries and candy. 

I finally made my own smoothie bowl this weekend (dairy-free, gluten-free) and it was tasty! Here’s how: 1) I blended 1 cup soy yogurt and almond milk, 1oz chia seeds, sliced bananas, a scoop of vanilla plant-based protein powder, and ice, 2) Added to a bowl, 3) Topped with gluten-free granola, banana, raspberries and blackberries. Serves 2. Protein, antioxidants, vitamins, great taste- you’ve got it all in one bowl. Try it sometime! 🍌🍓



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